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Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast
Prog Across the Ages!
Category: Rock
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by David Layton
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September 14, 2019 08:23 AM PDT

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast has arrived once more. All the prog to keep you grooving. On this show, we have two new pieces of music for you from Yes and Lobate Scarp, plus lots of music from the archives. We have some legendary acts on the show, with some obscure ones for variety. We dig far into the past and travel through time in prog history. The Symphonic Zone brings you the grand and elegant. All that, plus news of tours and releases on Sound Chaser.


1. Rush - Dreamline, from In Rio

2. Kit Watkins - Capricious Skies, from SunStruck

3. Goblin - Withy, from Classic Italian Soundtracks, Vol. 2

4. Klaus Schulze - Mental Door, from Picture Music

5. Merge - Fragments, from Merge

6. Merge - Canopy, from Merge

7. Merge - Motion-1, from Merge

8. Tangerine Dream - Bus Station, from Near Dark

9. Strings Arguments - Silence, Darkness, from The Encounter


10. Yes - Parallels, from 50 Live

11. Dunwich - La Regina delle Aguane, from Sul Monte è il Tuono

12. Gracious - Super Nova, from This Is ... Gracious!!

13. Lobate Scarp - Beautiful Light, from Spirals and Portals

14. Egdon Heath - No Second Faust, from The Killing Silence

15. Chris - Days of Summer Gone, from Days of Summer Gone


16. Frank Zappa - Zoot Allures, from The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

17. Frank Zappa - Mr. Green Genes, from The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

18. Frank Zappa - Florentine Pogen, from The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

19. Frank Zappa - Andy, from The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

20. Frank Zappa - Inca Roads, from The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

21. Klaatu - Older, from Sir Army Suit

22. Owane - Love Juice, from Yeah Whatever

23. Space Art - Axus, from Onyx

24. Ahvak - Vivisetkzia, from Ahvak

25. Amon Düül - The Tribe, from Fool Moon

26. Fish - Sunsets on Empire, from Sunsets on Empire

August 31, 2019 09:32 AM PDT

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast is once more on the ether. Our show this time features a full-length prog-rock musical, call it a rock opera if you like. We also have the regular Sound Chaser mix of styles and sounds, the Symphonic Zone, and news of tours and releases. It’s the program for extended listening.


1. Percy Jones Ensemble - $10,000 Bookshelf, from Propeller Music

2. Gilgamesh - With Lady and Friend, from Arriving Twice

3. Nucleus - Easter 1916, from We'll Talk About It Later

4. Boud Deun - The Quince Tree, from A General Observation

5. Jan Akkerman - It Could Happen to You, from The Complete Guitarist [retrospective]

6. Raison D'Être - Sophrosyne, from Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness

7. Schwarzarbeit - Interludium, from Works [retrospective]


8. The Moody Blues - I Am, from The Present

9. The Moody Blues - Sorry, from The Present

10. Avalon - After the Call, from Five of the Best

11. Greenslade - Tide, from Time and Tide

12. Greenslade - Catalan, from Time and Tide

13. Happy the Man - Merlin of the High Places, from Death's Crown

14. Opus-5 - Y a des Choses dans L’air, from Sérieux ou Pas

15. Finch - A Bridge to Alice, from Glory of the Inner Force


16. Jeff Wayne - The Eve of the War, from War of the Worlds

17. Jeff Wayne - Horsell Common and the Heat Ray, from War of the Worlds

18. Jeff Wayne - The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine, from War of the Worlds

19. Jeff Wayne - Forever Autumn, from War of the Worlds

20. Jeff Wayne - Thunder Child, from War of the Worlds

21. Jeff Wayne - The Red Weed (Part 1), from War of the Worlds

22. Jeff Wayne - The Spirit of Man, from War of the Worlds

23. Jeff Wayne - The Red Weed (Part 2), from War of the Worlds

24. Jeff Wayne - Brave New World, from War of the Worlds

25. Jeff Wayne - Dead London, from War of the Worlds

26. Jeff Wayne - Epilogue (Part 1), from War of the Worlds

27. Jeff Wayne - Epiloge (Part 2) NASA, from War of the Worlds

28. The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Nightwatchman, from The Duckworth Lewis Method

August 17, 2019 09:39 AM PDT

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast is back. In a packed program this time, the darkness is rising, we find the random in nature, some dolphins dance, and we hear a story about four heroes and a glass guitar. The Symphonic Zone takes us on a musical adventure. All that plus news of tours and releases.


1. Book of Hours - One More Red Nightmare, from King Crimson & Van der Graaf Generator According to Book of Hours

2. Matt Graboski - Rising Darkness, from Best of Baltimore's Buried Bands [compilation]

3. K. Leimer - The Random in Nature, from Closed System Potentials

4. Gateway - In the Moment, from In the Moment

5. Out of Focus - Huchen 55 Parts A-C, from Four Letter Monday Afternoon


6. Yes - Magnification, from Magnification

7. Yes - Spirit of Survival, from Magnification

8. Yes - Don't Go, from Magnification

9. Yes - Give Love Each Day, from Magnification

10. Franco Battiato - Ricercar sul Terzo, from Shadow, Light

11. Mike Oldfield - The Doge's Palace, from The Millennium Bell

12. Mike Oldfield - Lake Constance, from The Millennium Bell

13. Solstice - Circles, from Circles

14. Dragonfly - Shellycoat, from Dragonfly

15. Utopia - Singring and the Glass Guitar (An Electrified Fairytale), from Ra


16. echolyn - Best Regards, from As the World

17. Jon and Vangelis - Thunder, from Short Stories

18. Marillion - Lady Nina, from Brief Encounter

19. Tangerine Dream - Dolphin Dance, from Underwater Sunlight

20. Richard Pinhas - The Last Kings of Thule (Part 2), from Iceland

21. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Rhapsody, from Peepshow

22. Frank Zappa - Underground Freak-Out Music, from You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5

23. Guru Guru - Bo Diddley, from Hinten

24. Island - Zero, from Pictures

25. Enchant - Living in a Movie, from Tug of War

August 03, 2019 09:55 AM PDT

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast is on the web again. This is the prog rock radio show you wish were on XM radio. This time we have plenty of music from the past of progressive rock, some legendary, some mysterious, from many places in the world. We have new music on the show from Djam Karet and Lobate Scarp, so you will want to keep listening for that. Plus, we have news of tours and releases.


1. Bigelf - Salvation, from Closer to Doom

2. Centipede - Septober Energy Pt. 2, from Septober Energy

3. Steamhammer - Passing Through, from Mk II

4. Don McLean - American Pie, from American Pie

5. Djam Karet - West Coast, from A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof

6. David Gilmour - I Can't Breathe Anymore, from David Gilmour

7. Joni Mitchell - How Do You Stop, from Turbulent Indigo

8. Frank Zappa - Watermelon in Easter Hay, from Guitar

9. Epidermis - Ich Fühle Mich (Original Version), from Feel Me

10. Holding Pattern - Fishbulb, from Breaking the Silence


11. The Enid - The Song of Fand, from Live at Hammersmith

12. Arcansiel - Un Arc dans le Ciel, from Four Daisies

13. Quidam - Cheerful, from Angels' Dreams

14. Strawbs - Through Aphrodite's Eyes, from The Broken Hearted Bride

15. Aviary - Desert Songs / Pharaohs March, from Ambition

16. Yes - Perpetual Change, from Yessongs


17. Vanilla Fudge - My World Is Empty, from Mystery

18. Klaus Schulze - After Eleven, from The Dome Event

19. Van der Graaf Generator - Nutter Alert, from Present

20. Echosilence - Science Hole, from Eclectic Collaborations

21. Kenso - Sasurai no Atai (The Price of Wandering), from 76/77

22. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Silen Voy Kathy, from No 2

23. Lobate Scarp - Nothing Wrong, from https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lobatescarp/nothing-wrong

24. Cheer-Accident - Smile, from Introducing Lemon

25. Cheer-Accident - While, from Introducing Lemon

26. French TV - Ska Face, from This Is What We Do

27. Peter Panka's Jane - So So Long, from Live at Rockpalast: Bonn 2004

July 20, 2019 09:34 AM PDT

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast is now online. This show is another varietal selection, a veritable supermarket of prog. There is much that is familiar and much that I am pretty sure you will be hearing for the first time. We have the Symphonic Zone feature in the middle of the show. In the category of Obscure Bands You Should Probably Know More About, we have a piece by Sproingg (thanks to Sproingg band member Erik Feder for alerting me to his band). We also have an In Memoriam segment for bass player David J. Keyes. Plus, we have news of tours and releases.


1. NeBeLNeST - BLaCKMaiL, from NoVa EXPReSS


2. Renaissance - Things I Don't Understand, from Tour 2011


3. Sproingg - Homunculus Funkulous, from Sproingg

4. Frank Zappa - G-Spot Tornado, from Jazz from Hell

5. Dashiell Hedayat - Long Song for Zelda, from Obsolete

6. Steve Hackett - The Hermit, from Voyage of the Acolyte

7. Steve Roach - Presence, from Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces

8. Steve Roach - Vortex Ring, from Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces

9. Alan Simon - Celtic Dream, from Excalibur: La Légende Des Celtes

10. Black Sabbath - You Won't Change Me, from Technical Ecstasy

11. Eric Tingstad, Nancy Rumbel, and David Lanz - Magnolia, from Woodlands

12. The Who - However Much I Booze, from The Who by Numbers


13. Distillierie di Malto - Lorca e Dalì, from Suono!

14. Witsend (Syzygy) - Voyager, from Cosmos and Chaos

15. Aquaplanage - Nature's Sunday, from Aquaplanage

16. Epidermis - The Non-Existent Surroundings of God, from Genius of Original Force

17. Argent - Lothlorien, from Ring of Hands

18. Spring - Gazing, from Spring

19. Hands - Antarctica, from Hands

20. Atoll - Tunnel (Parts 1 & 2), from Tertio

21. Classical Rock Orchestra - Nights in White Satin, from Classic Moody Blues Hits


22. Sally Oldfield - Sons of the Free, from Easy

23. Mannheim Steamroller - The 7 Chakras of the Body Chakra 6, from Fresh Aire 7

24. Mannheim Steamroller - The 7 Chakras of the Body Chakra 7, from Fresh Aire 7

25. Tangerine Dream - Sphinx Lightning, from Hyperborea

26. Reale Academia di Musica - Padre, from Reale Adacemia di Musica

27. Yezda Urfa - To-Ta in the Moya, from Sacred Baboon

28. Area - Cometa Rossa, from Are(A)zione

29. School of the Arts - Teaser, from School of the Arts

July 06, 2019 04:52 PM PDT

This show is a special edition of the Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast. The show this time is a family album. Each piece of music is played by family members – whether they be siblings, parents and children, or married couples, the family connection is there in each piece. Some of the most famous and influential groups in progressive rock have had these family connections. We decided to have a family get-together sing-song.


1. Christian Décamps et Fils - Une a Une, from Nu

2. Gentle Giant - Working All Day, from Three Friends

3. Jade Warrior - Holy Roller, from Eclipse

4. Clannad - Ní Lá Na Gaoithe Lá Na Scoilb?, from Fuaim


5. Virgil & Steve Howe - Dawn Mission, from Nexus

6. Jon Anderson (with Jane Luttenberger Anderson) - Heaven Knows (Treehugging), from EarthMotherEarth

7. Wakeman with Wakeman - Number 10, from No Expense Spared


8. Santana Brothers - Reflections, from Santana Brothers

9. Potemkine - Crepuscula, from Triton

10. Etna - Golden Idol, from Etna


11. Styx - Mother Dear, from Equinox

12. Hoelderlin - Circus, from Clowns & Clouds

13. Eternal Wanderers - Valley of Oblivion, from The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow

14. Moon Safari - Moonwalk, from [blomljud]

15. Moon Safari - Bluebells, from [blomljud]

16. IZZ - Take Me by the Hand, from Ampersand, Vol. 2

17. The Flower Kings - The Flower King, from The Road Back Home [retrospective]

18. The Flower Kings - Stardust We Are, from The Road Back Home [retrospective]


19. Saga - I'll Leave It in Your Hands, from The Security of Illusion

20. Tangerine Dream - Zhu Zhanji, from The Great Wall of China

21. Darling - Forever Again, from Darling

22. Exodus - Powstanie Supernowej, from The Singles Collection

23. Tomsix - Not Knowing You, from Soundbones

24. Dire Straits - Once Upon a Time in the West, from Communique

25. Flairck - Gevecht Met De Engel (Deel 1), from Gevecht Met De Engel

26. Emerald Web - Orbiting Holiday, from Manatee Dreams of Neptune

27. In the Nursery - Angelchrome, from Sense

28. Maneige - Les Porches de Nortre-Dame, from Les Porches Live

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