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Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast
Prog Across the Ages!
Category: Rock
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by David Layton
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March 16, 2019 10:44 AM PDT

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast takes to the ether once more. This show is the fifth of my annual birthday present to myself shows when I unwrap some of my very favorite pieces of progressive rock and related music. It’s not all the old classics. No. Here I have music from the wide range that is prog. There are acts you probably know about, but some that you may not know about but might like to know more about.


1. Manning - Old School, from The Root, the Leaf & the Bone

2. Vangelis - Chung Kuo, from China

3. Vangelis - The Long March, from China

4. Shadowfax - Lucky Mud, from Folksongs for a Nuclear Village

5. Ain Soph - Suite: Hat and Field, from Hat and Field

6. Frank Zappa - Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, from Apostrophe'

7. Frank Zappa - Nanook Rubs It, from Apostrophe'

8. Frank Zappa - St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast, from Apostrophe'

9. Frank Zappa - Father O'Blivion, from Apostrophe'

10. Passport - Horizon Beyond, from Second Passport

11. French TV - That Thing on the Wall, from The Case Against Art


12. Starcastle - Lady of the Lake, from Starcastle

13. Asia - Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deya, from Phoenix

14. Stanley Snail - Siberian Khatru, from Tales from Yesterday [compilation]

15. The Enid - Cortege, from Touch Me

16. Strawbs - Words of Wisdom, from Deadlines

17. Proto-Kaw - Gloriana, from Before Became After

18. Renaissant - South of Winter, from South of Winter

19. Dice - Alea Iacta Est, from Dice

20. Premiata Forneria Marconi - Geranio, from Per un Amico


21. Godley Creme - An Englishman in New York, from Freeze Frame

22. Heart - Soul of the Sea, from Dreamboat Annie

23. Arti e Mestieri - In Cammino, from Tilt

24. California Guitar Trio - The Marsh, from Whitewater

25. Mads Eriksen - The Greatest Sacrifice, from ME

26. Zamla Mammaz Manna - Ödet, from Schlagerns Mystik

27. Loreena McKennitt - Caravanserai, from An Ancient Muse

errata: In the podcast, the Stanley Snail song is reported to have been released in 1985. It was, in fact, released in 1995. We apologize for any distress this mistake may have caused to the band or to the listeners. Crisis counselors are standing by.

March 02, 2019 03:05 PM PST

The latest edition of the Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast has arrived. I have selected a blend of peculiar and fascinating music, enchanting sounds, bombastic sounds, weird sounds, and others. We remember the late Gerard Koerts of Earth and Fire, who passed away in late February. The regular Symphonic Zone feature is here as well.


1. Formula 3 - Walk Away Renee, from Dies Irae


2. Earth and Fire - Storm and Thunder, from Song of the Marching Children


3. Hawkwind - Mirror of Illusion, from Hawkwind

4. Clepsydra - Poem for a Rainy Day, from Hologram

5. Suzanne Vega - Bad Wisdom, from 99.9 F°

6. The High Fidelity Orchestra - La Prosesión De Los Patos Sin Cabeza, from The High Fidelity Orchestra

7. Sally Oldfield - Path with a Heart, from Strange Day in Berlin

8. Steve Kujala - The Matador, from Atmospheres [compilation]

9. Patrick Moraz - Intentions, from Patrick Moraz

10. Michael Stearns - Tuna Fishing, from Dali: The Endless Enigma [compilation]

11. Erik Norlander - City of Living Machines, from Seas of Orion


12. Rick Wakeman - Hymn of Hope, from Softsword

13. Ibio - Las Chicas de Laredo, from Cuevas de Altamira

14. Outer Limits - Prelude, from Misty Moon

15. Primitive Instinct - Slaves (extended), from Cyclops Sampler [compilation]

16. Amenophis - The Key of Life, from You and I

17. Eloy - The Secret, from Visionary

18. Kenso - Inei no Fue, from Kenso

19. Sithonia - La Danza del Gatto sul Tetto, from Spettacolo Annullato

20. IQ - The Narrow Margin, from Subterranea


21. The Spacious Mind - To Earth with Love, from Cosmic Minds at Play

22. The Spacious Mind - Sunchild, from Cosmic Minds at Play

23. The Spacious Mind - Dnimehts of You, from Cosmic Minds at Play

24. The Spacious Mind - Seashore Trees, from Cosmic Minds at Play

25. Alan Parsons - Oh Life (There Must Be More), from Try Anything Once

February 16, 2019 08:55 AM PST

Sound Chaser is up and running once again. We’re on the voyage, one might say the ultimate voyage, through the years, nations, and styles of progressive rock. On this show, we have the prog rock, we have the jazz fusion, we have some zeuhl, we have some prog folk, and some world music as well. From the famous to the obscure, and much in between, you get the largest variety of music in prog rock podcasting here.


1. Spaced Out - Delerium Tremens, from Spaced Out

2. Philharmonie - Mandarin Mécanique, from Rage

3. Out of Phase - Welcome to the Machine, from Wish You Were Here 2001

4. Steeleye Span - White Man, from Back in Line

5. Runaway Totem - Mnar, from Zed

6. Amon Düül II - Traveller, from Hijack

7. Frank Zappa - Society Pages, from You Are What You Is

8. Frank Zappa - I'm a Beautiful Guy, from You Are What You Is

9. Frank Zappa - Beauty Knows No Pain, from You Are What You Is

10. Frank Zappa - Charlie's Enormous Mouth, from You Are What You Is

11. Frank Zappa - Any Downers?, from You Are What You Is

12. Frank Zappa - Conehead, from You Are What You Is


13. Cinema - A Dayfly and a Sunflower, from Into the State of Flux

14. Arcansiel - Empty Pages, from Stillsearching

15. Differences - The Voyage, from The Voyage

16. Nuova Era - Eterna Sconfitta, from L'ultimo Viaggio

17. Nuova Era - L'ultimo Viaggio, from L'ultimo Viaggio

18. Fromage - Thoma, from Ophelia

19. Machiavel - Rope Dancer, from Mechanical Moonbeams

20. The Moody Blues - Deep, from Sur la Mer

21. Steve Hackett - Get 'em out by Friday, from The Total Experience Live in Liverpool

22. Alan Parsons - One Day to Fly, from On Air

23. Alan Parsons - Blue Blue Sky, from On Air


24. Tangerine Dream - Tangram Set 1, from Tangram

25. Steve Roach - Hope, from Midnight Moon

26. Andreas Vollenweider - Belladonna, from Caverna Magica

27. Andreas Vollenweider - Angóh!, from Caverna Magica

28. Andreas Vollenweider - Hiziopochtli, from Caverna Magica

29. Andreas Vollenweider - Con Chiglia, from Caverna Magica

30. Andreas Vollenweider - Gaestra Coronatum, from Caverna Magica

31. Andreas Vollenweider - La Paix Verde, from Caverna Magica

32. Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve, from Serpentine Gallery

February 02, 2019 09:05 AM PST

Sound Chaser once again storms the internet. There is a significant amount of activity in today’s prog rock environment. New acts are forming, recording, and performing. So are some veterans of the style. We are getting a trunk full of deluxe packaged, remastered classics from long ago. Not even in the golden days of the early 70s was there such a heap of choices for the prog connoisseur. This little podcast is partly, I hope, a listener’s guide, helping the listener with the choices now available.


1. Van der Graaf Generator - When She Comes, from World Record

2. Asia - Aqua I, from Aqua

3. Ashra - Bamboo Sands, from Correlations

4. Pekka Pohjola - Imppu's Tango, from Heavy Jazz

5. Jah Wobble - Heaven and Earth, from Heaven and Earth

6. Neil Nappe - Valley of Indecision, from July

7. Le Orme - Com'era Bello, from Biancaneve (Venerdí)

8. Eberhard Weber - Chorus Parts I-IV, from Chorus

9. Nima & Merge - lttf, from Separate Worlds

10. Porcupine Tree - The Sleep of No Dreaming, from Coma Divine


11. Castanarc - Peyote, from Kinesis Progressive Rock Sampler [compilation]

12. Celeste - Ala del Pensiero, from Second Plus

13. Ange - Hymn a la Vie, from Par les Fils de Mandrin

14. Egoband - Start, from Trip in the Light of the World

15. Cairo - Corridors, from Conflict and Dreams

16. The Flower Kings - Devil's Playground, from Unfold the Future

17. The Flower Kings - Too Late for Tomatoes, from Unfold the Future


18. ProjeKct Two - Space Groove III, from Space Groove

19. Roxy Music - Love Is the Drug, from Love Is the Drug [single]

20. Klaatu - Set the World on Fire, from Endangered Species

21. String Driven Thing - Black Eyed Queen, from It's a Game

22. Gilgamesh - Just C, from Gilgamesh

23. Web - Concerto for Bedsprings, from I Spider

24. John McLaughlin Trio - Qué Alegría, from Qué Alegría

January 19, 2019 09:33 AM PST

Sound Chaser presents a wide variety of progressive rock and related music old and new, from around the world. This show follows our format of touring the times and places of prog.


1. Xinema - The Last Flower, from Different Ways

2. Edhels - Gaël et Selena, from Still Dream

3. Edhels - Christie Feline Girl, from Still Dream

4. Roger Waters - Vera, from The Wall: Live in Berlin

5. Roger Waters - Bring the Boys back Home, from The Wall: Live in Berlin

6. Big Country - Dynamite Lady, from No Place like Home

7. Magna Carta - Time for the Leaving, from In Concert

8. Myrbein - C’est une Trés Bonne Maison, from Myrornas Krig

9. Myrbein - Bara Du, from Myrornas Krig

10. Gnomen - Last Caravan to the Stars, from Last Caravan to the Stars

11. Hugh Hopper - Minipax I, from 1984

12. Isotope - Windmills and Waterfalls, from Isotope

13. Eberhard Weber - Death in the Carwash, from Later That Evening


14. Rick Miller - Serial Killer, from Delusional

15. The Bollenberg Experience - Anna from the Well, from If Only Stones Could Speak

16. Ars Nova - Interlude 4: Nephthys, from The Book of the Dead

17. Ars Nova - Ani's Heart and Maat's Feather, from The Book of the Dead

18. Ars Nova - Epilogue: Hapi, from The Book of the Dead

19. Quaterna Requiem - Velha Gravura, from Velha Gravura

20. Afterglow - Unqiuet, from Yggdrasil

21. Bruford - Lands End, from Gradually Going Tornado


22. Shelleyan Orphan - Little Death, from Humroot

23. Barry Cleveland - The Angel & the Abyss, from Voluntary Dreaming

24. Flairck - The Velvet Room, from The Chilean Concerts

25. Tangerine Dream - Logos, from Logos

26. Dream Theater - Surrounded, from Live at the Marquee

January 10, 2019 11:35 AM PST

Welcome to the 5th Anniversary edition of the Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast. Sound Chaser first aired in January, 2014, on The Dividing Line Broadcast Network, may it rest in peace. The show has been podcasting for almost a year now on PodOmatic, long may it continue. As a celebration gimmick, I have decided that this show shall consist of nothing other than the fifth track of whatever cd it happens to be on. Track 1 and the final track are usually the star spots, and thus track 5 is perhaps a forgotten entity. We’ll try to raise the profile of track 5 on this show.


1. Skip Moore & Kirk Campbell - Water Drops, from Majestic Thunder

2. Yesterdays - Ne Mondd El, from Senki Madara

3. Suzanne Ciani - Go Gently, from Pianissimo II

4. Joni Mitchell - Shades of Scarlet Conquering, from The Hissing of Summer Lawns

5. Planet Gong - Opium for the People, from Live Floating Anarchy

6. Reign Ghost - Ain't It Great, from Reign Ghost Featuring Lynda Squires

7. Haze - Decision, from Hazecolor-Dia

8. Frank Zappa - Blessed Relief, from The Grand Wazoo

9. Sloche - La Baloune De Varenkurtel Au Zythogala, from Stadaconé

10. Amon Düül II - Wie der Wind am Ende einer Strasse, from Wolf City


11. K2 - Cloak of Antiquity, from Book of the Dead

12. The Enid - Bright Star, from Something Wicked This Way Comes

13. Big Big Train - Winchester Diver, from The Underfall Yard

14. Asgard - The Queen of Ice, from Arkana

15. Afforested - The Hollow Yew, from Wolf's Heads and Woodlanders

16. Samadhi - Fantasia, from Samadhi

17. Cathedral - The Search, from Stained Glass Stories

18. Biglietto per L'Inferno - Solo Ma Vivo, from Il Tempo della Semina

19. Steve Hackett - Firth of Fifth, from Watcher of the Skies


20. Steve Roach & Elmar Schulte - Solid Ground, from Solitaire: Ritual Ground

21. Cocteau Twins - The Itchy Glowbo Blow, from Blue Bell Knoll

22. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Dopo Niente è Più lo Stesso, from Un’idea Che Non Puoi Fermare

23. David Borden - The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part 12b, from The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 9-12

24. Richard Pinhas - De la Marchandis et de la Révolution Sociale, from De L’une et du Multiple

25. Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner & Eddie Gomez - Thistledown, from If Summer Had Its Ghosts

26. Zabu - Informer Blues, from My Coffin's Ready

27. Alphataurus - Ombra Muta, from Alphataurus

28. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Tribute, from Manfred Mann's Earth Band

29. Steve Howe - Novalis, from Turbulence

30. Trilok Gurtu - Watapa, from Bad Habits Die Hard

31. Kino - People, from Picture

32. Deadwood Forest - The City in the Sea, from Mellodramatic

December 22, 2018 11:23 PM PST

On this show we have new music from Emperor Norton, classic progressive rock from Caravan, Steve Hackett, Yes and Jethro Tull, some fusion, some electronic prog, and a few surprises.


1. Caravan - Be Alright / Chance of a Lifetime, from For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night

2. Paul Haslinger - Be-Bop in Baghdad, from World without Rules

3. Saga - We've Been Here Before, from Wildest Dreams

4. The Tangent - Lost in London, from Going off on One

5. Alan Stivell - Ye Banks and Braes, from Brian Boru

6. Zao - Des Fleurs pour Nefertiti, from Akhenaton

7. The Who - I'm One, from Quadrophenia


8. Steve Hackett - Ace of Wands, from Rails Live

9. Gravity Tree - Aim to Please, from Bay Prog [compilation]

10. Windchase - Glad to Be Alive, from Symphinity

11. Philip Glass - Changing Opinion, from Songs from Liquid Days

12. After Crying - Kétezer Év, from Föld És Ég

13. Emperor Norton - Petrichor, from Emperor Norton


14. Casino - Prey, from Casino

15. Shadowland - Jigsaw, from Ring of Roses

16. Shadowland - Scared of the Dark, from Ring of Roses

17. Pendragon - Midnight Running, from As Good as Gold


18. Santana - Soul Sacrifice / Head, Hands, and Feet, from Moonflower

19. Yes - Mood for a Day / Clap [Duke University], from Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two

20. Soft Machine - Out-Bloody-Rageous, from Live at the Proms 1970

21. Soft Machine - Facelift, from Live at the Proms 1970

22. Soft Machine - Esther's Nose Job, from Live at the Proms 1970

23. Tangerine Dream - Church Theme, from Wavelength

24. John Scofield & Pat Metheny - Message to My Friend, from I Can See Your House from Here

25. Julee Cruise - The Nightingale, from Floating into the Night

26. Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath, from Bursting Out

27. Jethro Tull - The Dambusters March / Medley [cd bonus track], from Bursting Out

December 08, 2018 09:33 AM PST

Sound Chaser is on the internet again. This show will be one of the regular mix and match selections of music, stretching across multiple countries and covering the period of 1972 to the present. On this show is progressive rock, jazz fusion, progressive metal, electronic prog, and of course symphonic prog. We also say goodbye to the late Maartin Allcock. There's plenty for the listener with eclectic tastes.


1. Robert Reed, Tom Newman, and Les Penning - Theme from Doctor Who (Tom Newman Mix), from Theme from Doctor Who


2. Jethro Tull - Rocks on the Road, from In Concert


3. Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll, from The Song Remains the Same

4. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day, from The Song Remains the Same

5. Symphony X - Wicked, from When Worlds Collide [compilation]

6. Shadow Gallery - The Dance of the Fools, from Shadow Gallery

7. Pat Metheny Group - San Lorenzo, from Travels

8. Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band - Omni, from Season of Changes

9. Stanley Clarke - The Dancer, from School Days

10. Honeyelk - (Stoyz) Duel á la Vie, from En Quête d’un Monde Meilleur…

11. The Orion Syndrome - Space Traveler, from The Progressive Perspective [retrospective]

12. Z-Axis - Suspension, from Music from Reality Check


13. Yes - Heart of the Sunrise [Maple Leaf Gardens], from Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two

14. Blocco Mentale - La Nuova Forza, from Poa

15. Banzai - Try, from Hora Nata

16. Asia - The Court of the Crimson King, from Fantasia Live in Tokyo

17. Calliope - Margherita a Rodi, from Città di Frontiera

18. Rivendel - La Teleraña (Parts 1-6), from The Meaning

19. Bellaphon - Jade, from Firefly

20. Pendragon - The Black Knight, from 9:15 Live

21. Big Big Train - Blue Silver Red, from Goodbye to the Age of Steam


22. Klaus Schulze - Dresden Two, from The Dresden Performance

23. Marillion - Waiting to Happen, from Holidays in Eden

November 24, 2018 11:46 AM PST

Sound Chaser rides on the ether again. This is a special edition of the program in which we listen to the music of the one-person band. Through the magic of the overdub, one person can be the whole band. This has been made easier, and therefore more common, with digital recording. For every tune on this show, in each case only one person has played all the instruments. I set up some rules about this. First, none was going to be a synthesizers-only work. In each case, instrumentation had to come from at least two different classifications of instrument – percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds, keyboards, vocals. Second, none would be of the singer/songwriter variety of a person with just either a guitar and a piano plus singing over it. Each piece selected had to be an instrument ensemble played by only one person. The results are surprisingly varied.


1. Ian Anderson - Photo Shop, from Rupi's Dance

2. Don Slepian - Sundown, from Sonic Perfume

3. Amanda Lehmann - We Are One, from Harmony for Elephants [compilation]

4. Tomas Stark - Wood Nymphs, from A Reflection [compilation]

5. Simon McKechnie - Temple-Barr, from London Reborn

6. Kevin Atwood - My Cosmic Guitar, from One Man Standing

7. Colie Brice - Fear!, from New Age Blues

8. Ralph Towner - The Prince and the Sage, from Blue Sun

9. Ulises - Biomaterial, from Ritual Virtual

10. Porcupine Tree - Hymn, from On the Sunday of Life

11. Porcupine Tree - Footprints, from On the Sunday of Life


12. Chris - Nowhere to Go, from City of Light

13. Daniel Gauthier - Axis of Men, from The Wish

14. J.R. Guerra - Enjoy the Decline, from 3

15. Enya - Tempus Vernum, from A Day without Rain

16. Enya - Deora ar mo Chroí, from A Day without Rain

17. Dr. Coenobite - Castles in the Air, from Castles in the Air

18. Mike Oldfield - First Steps, from Light + Shade

19. Brady Arnold - Morning Jingle, from Alternate Takes

20. Adam Rabin - The Badger Flies at Dawn, from The Badger Flies at Dawn

21. Tiger Moth Tales - Don't Let Go, Feels Alright, from Cocoon


22. Paul Bremner - Celtic Cross, from Wombsong

23. Tom Newman - Roving Gambler, from Live at the Argonaut

24. Bartz (Jim Bartz) - Tangent Transport (A Passage Thru), from P.O.E.A.S. (Pictures of Earth and Space)

25. Bartz (Jim Bartz) - The Source of Futures (Edges), from P.O.E.A.S. (Pictures of Earth and Space)

26. Bartz (Jim Bartz) - Over Oceans, from P.O.E.A.S. (Pictures of Earth and Space)

27. Agustin Criollo - Umbra, from El Retorno del Sol de Nada

28. Jorge Reyes - Corazon de Venado [cd bonus track], from Ek-Tunkul

29. Deuter - Hari-San, from San

30. Forrest Fang - Sonosphere, from Gongland

31. Rule 29 - Awaken, from Rule 29

32. Mike Keneally - Sunset over the Paprika Festival, from Nonkertompf

33. Mike Keneally - Juzz, from Nonkertompf

34. Mike Keneally - Chew, from Nonkertompf

35. Mike Keneally - Show Yourself, from Nonkertompf

36. Mike Keneally - Don't Hurt Our Paprika!, from Nonkertompf

37. Mike Keneally - Clumpy Clumpy O, from Nonkertompf

38. Mike Keneally - Oh Angel, from Nonkertompf

39. Jeff Sherman - Home, from Home

40. Steve Roach - Ancestral Horizon, from Artifacts

41. Gandalf - Dreamscapes Part II, from Reflection [retrospective]

42. Jay Tausig - Impetus and the Outward Spiral, from Ipse, At Non Solus

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